Friday, October 24, 2008



I just put a bid on this one.. it says Honey Bunny on the front!

Dana, you need to get this one!

This Zorro one is SO COOL!

and a Pirate!

These are all vintage costumes I found on E-bay. Hard at work as usual!


Sunshine said...

i collect the masks! well, i have 3 of them. cookie monster, a very creepy clown from the 60s and the most terrifying ever 70S charlie brown mask. i was just thinking about posting about them :) tis the season!
i'd like to find that cute kitty one, and also zorro & the pirate would look good in the livingroom

Fashion Serial Killer said...

AH man! I never find these at yard sales or thrifshops. I bet you have the coolest house. They are all on ebay right now and some are pretty cheap. I saw a Charlie Brown one, SO CREEPY. Post pics of your living room!