Monday, October 13, 2008

Sunday Fun Day

aftermath of the party.

This is what hap's when dogs party too hard the night before.

my sweet Atilla. She passed so much gas at the party. People didn't know who to blame, but I always know who the culprit is

My Ruby

My rad Owl lamp. The eyes light up. I really wish I could find an Owl skeleton.

The best breakfast choice. Waffles with whip cream, butter and syrup. I usually get blueberries on them also but I didn't see it on the menu. I like my waffles a little crispier than they made them at the 5 and Diner

Jason and Stacy

Chi Chi!!

Dana my ROOMATE took a lot of the pics below ;o) I forgot to give mention to her. She takes nice pics.

We took the dogs hiking in our backyard

The houses in the mountains behind us are pretty wild.

It is SO SO great having THIS in your backyard and being able to walk to go hiking. I LOVE the new house... I'll lose my beer belly in NO time. I don't get it, I weigh 113 and I have a beer belly?? Actually, it's prob a waffle, ice cream sundae, pizza, cookie, candy, wine, skittles and milkshake belly. I don't really drink THAT much beer. Dana I really do eat, I swear! After hiking we went to MacAlpines and had a yummy sandwich and DELICIOUS hot fudge sundae... I ate the WHOLE thing *oink*oink* they have the best fudge topping.

some action shots.

Every now and then on the hike Ruby would decide to charge Atilla and bite on her ears.

I love my happy dogs!

See.. above is a hole, maybe this is where they were scouting for Mercury or ALIENS

Later that night we went hiking again. This time to explore the Dreamy Draw Dam where Aliens landed -


They ran up to the top of the mountain-dumb me wore jeans that were too tight so I couldn't run as fast.

The dam is that big beige patch in the upper left of this pic. Dana has this book Weird Arizona and it tells all kinds of neat AZ stories. The aliens landed there and they covered it up with the dam

moonlight pics

we jumped the fence to cross the freeway.

a view of our house on the hill

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