Thursday, November 6, 2008


Mechanic is in town and we had him and Vargas over for some delicious lasagna that our CFO at work made me. SO YUMMMMY... then we headed out to scorpion hill with the blacklight.
EEEEEEEK! We found two scorps this time. The one above was no bigger than a dime.

big guy
balloon raiders and inhaled helium, so fun to talk like a chipmunk.

It's finally COLD at night in the desert.. .we walked to the bar down the street and I fell asleep in the bar, I was super tired. I woke up to straws being thrown at me.

Things I found on the adventure. Real Spurs that were left in one of the houses on scorpion hill, this time the doors were open so we were able to go inside these crazy houses. Chi Chi is so happy that I found her another stuffed animal..

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