Wednesday, December 3, 2008

"Now I wanna be your dog...."

Urban tank and scarf
here this projector would be awesome for movies on our patio at night!



I am looking to get a new digi camera that doesn't have a delay. My Canon has been having probs, i'll push the capture button and nothing happens for a long time. grrrrr
Item number: 250336428652
adorable dress!

Item number: 370119544217

If any of you girls (or boys if you are into that kinda stuff) have a size 7-8 foot you should BUY these.. damn I wish they were my size.


Janet said...

those tall brown ones are cutie!

Nat-attack said...

Love love and More love the scarf!! i have been looking for one for the longest time!!!

Fashion Serial Killer said...

me too! it comes in white also, i like the black tho. you can get them at the urban outfitters store or their website under accessories and then scarves.. the website isn't working at the moment or i'd supply the link ;o)

Anonymous said...

I have those brown ones you know.

Fashion Serial Killer said...

Yes Dana I know you have them, CC bought them for you at a thriftstore, you never wear them you should, shit if I had em i'd wear them as much as I could ;O) aren't yours light beige tho?