Monday, January 26, 2009


My next DVD to watch is Surfwise. Here is the description from Netflix :

"Doug Pray's documentary delves into the often inspiring, sometimes shocking life of 85-year-old Dorian "Doc" Paskowitz, a renowned surfer, surf camp owner, doctor and sex guru who, together with his wife, brought up nine children. Paskowitz raised his family in a camper on the beach, home-schooling them and requiring them to follow a strict lifestyle regimen. Now, his grown children speak out about how their unique upbringing affected them."

and here is a better description if you'd like to know more about it. I'm not into surfing at all, the movie just seems interesting. I like to see how children turn out when parents decide to raise them a certain way and the kids turn out complete opposite. I do think it'd be fun to live in an RV and live near a beach tho. I'm WAY too scared to surf. The furthest out in the ocean I have been was snorkeling at the Great Barrier Reef in Australia. Let me tell you, that was THE scariest thing I have done water wise. I nearly drowned as a kid and had a huge fear of water for the longest time. My Dad cured me of that by just throwing me in the water and making me get over the fear. I remember swimming (in what now is prob considered a swamp) in Northern Minnesota as a kid and having my Dad hold on to the back of my suit to keep me afloat and to help teach me to swim.

This weekend was somewhat productive. Friday my friend Ryan and I went to see the Wrestler (Rich, you were right, the soundtrack is great). Saturday I went to this stinky ass cat piss smell Estate Sale off of McDowell and then drove down 15th ave and found some interesting things to go back and photograph. Hells Angels meeting place, an old, old graveyard with Jumping Cactus and just dirt-not a happy looking graveyard. I went to the Salvation Army, took a long hike up the big mountain behind my house with the dogs, napped, cleaned my car, fixed random things, went to the Biltmore with ChiChi and had lunch and looked at all the pretty expensive clothes at Saks, went into the uber crowded APPLE store and admired the pretty laptops at night my friend Chris came over and we chatted about old BMX bikes, vintage, work-etc etc.. Sunday was hanging with the Family day. My Dad gave me two big sets of Deer antlers to do something with.

Not too exciting but good enough!

The End!


Charlene said...

I'm going to rent it tonight!

Anonymous said...

I am so glad you posted this. I saw an ad for this and thought it looked amazing but forgot the title! I will write it down now! Cheers, Tracey