Monday, January 5, 2009

This is what happens..

Tony asks the band if he can do a song with them...

We celebrated Dana's bday a little early

Ania and the Ryan's

I wish this arm wrestling video game worked! We all just pretended and had a little fun with it.

He was a real pervertido!

He even tried to feel Ania up..

Tony the boy that knows how to play every instrument

Kevin and Sonia

Then the dancing..

I don't even remember Ryan dancing

This guy kept asking me to dance, he was pretty wasted (maybe I was also) He's spinning me here but it looks more like he's trying to get me down on the ground!

He was getting down. Now i'm hungover and tired and I couldn't sleep last night. Taking Ruby to the vet in a few hours and hopefully they'll cure her.


Anonymous said...

LOL - That was the most fun that arm wrestling machine has EVAH had!!! Love these!

Janet said...

I think your the perv! hah hah