Thursday, February 5, 2009


Ronnie Wood has cool style for an old man-love his jacket
(minus the ugg boots) .
New lamp

My Dad gave me more deer skulls.

Kitty Kitty! What is with ME and Cats that meow in the middle of the night outside my window for hours? At my old apartment there was a feral cat that would meow for HOURS on end in the middle of the night and now my cat's meowing outside my window every night bcuz she's no longer allowed in the house bcuz my roommate's boyfriend is allergic. My cat's pissed off about this so she's waking me up every night. Not only is MY cat meowing, but now there's another wild cat with a hoarse meow meowing outside my window also UGH!!!!
You can see part of the construction of the new driveway, my camera deleted the other pics I took of this, I know it's not very exciting. Our lil pink house on the hill ;o)
Another pair of my vintage jeans are too tight now. UGH!!! That's it, no more drinking during the week.

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Charlene said...

That means she wants to have sex Cindy!!!