Thursday, February 5, 2009

Thank you Mr David Allen Coe

"You ready boys? Well I've heard it said all over this land that you can judge a man by the size of his hand so if you want yourself a girl with a tight little kitty you better find yourself a girl with itty bitty titties."

HIGH FIVE! I used to be so ashamed to have no boobs when I was younger. I'd wear big old man clothes that i'd buy at the thriftstore because I thought that it would cover up the fact that I was flat chested. I started to notice that after i'd put some of my clothes in the laundry for my Mother to do, they'd disappear. Turns out she was throwing them away/donating them. I was SO mad!!


Charlene said...

When I win the lottery I will buy you some DD's haha

Fashion Serial Killer said...

HA HA oh HELL NO! I'll take my A's anyday. I'll take a tummy tuck instead. ;oP