Monday, February 9, 2009

Steak Friday!

Friday night my friend Ryan and I went to Mastro's City Hall to drop a big chunka change on a big chunka meat. The Filet Mignon was DELICIOUS!!! I do think it was better than Durant's, still not as good as that one place an old pal and I hit up in Vegas, but it was 2nd to that. We sat down and Ryan said we were sitting across from Randy "the Unit" Johnson who is a baseball player for the Diamondbacks. After dinner I just went home and crashed, I think the wine got to me.

I like to tell restaurant's that it's one of our B-days when we go just so we can get free dessert (even if it isn't either of our b-days, it's a good lil scam)

I tried to sneak some paparazzi picks of him-he's in the plaid

Happy NON B-day to US!


Charlene said...

Oh, this is where you called me from! haha

Fashion Serial Killer said...

he he yes, this is where I called you from! we really needed to know that certain info you gave us WHILE eating dinner HA!