Friday, February 6, 2009

Daily Heart On

Item number: 290294411826
WOAH! Vintage Vivienne Westwood Platforms!

Item number: 280309981563

Size 7
Item number: 250364238292
Item number: 390022848787

any size 7's out there? these boots are awesome!
Item number: 110347317918

I'm going to try to win this clutch with the fringes!!
Item number: 270338625485
Item number: 310067272888
Item number: 220357113241


Anonymous said...

I just scored a really great vintage fringe jacket today for peanuts, but it is too small for me.

Interested in a swap? ;)

Fashion Serial Killer said...

oooh whaycha want??? swaps r gooood.

Anonymous said...

I will post some pics on my blog right now so you can see what it looks like. It's marked size 10 (I guess men's since the snaps are on the right). It's also very heavy!

It's 16" across at the shoulders.
16" from armpit to wrist.
18" across at the chest.
25 1/2" from shoulder to hem.

I would LOVE a jacket like this, but it's too small for a strapping gal like me. I don't want to resell it and rip anybody off, I just want it to go to a good home! I know someone else will LOVE this and that's who it should go to. :)

I would be willing to trade for some of your pretty jewelry. :)

Anonymous said...

Interested? :)

Fashion Serial Killer said...

oh crap sorry! I never saw the comment you left with the measurments, I must have seen it bcuz I approved it but I was prob DRUNK HA! I do think it will fit.. let me know which of the jewels you would like pretty lady! ;o) I know a good thriftstore where I can find you one of these that will fit. I'll keep my eyes peeled k?

Anonymous said...

I might have been a little drunk myself, ha ha! It's been known to happen from time to time. ;)

Hmmm...would you swap for a pair of your earrings if you think it's a fair trade? I happen to like all of your bead/stone type ones with the little white birds. Does a pair of earrings for a fringe jacket seem like an ok trade to you? Let's make a deal, ha ha!

If you ever see a fringe jacket more my size (I'd say in a men's shirt I'm more of a 16-ish) let me know! We could work something out!

I used to have a vintage fringe jacket back in high school/college (mid to late 80's) and I kinda miss it. ;)

I'll send you an email tonight.