Monday, March 9, 2009


I went to an estate sale in Tempe Saturday and the front yard was covered wtih these flowers. This lady came out and asked why I was taking pictures of such ugly flowers.. totally blew my mind.. HOW are THESE UGLY?! Crazy people. I also went thrifting galore and scored some pretty good stuff. YIPPEE.

I also saw this rad small RV outside of a house near the estate sale. It wasn't much taller than I am and i'm 5'6. I looked it up and it's a Vixen. More info here I have this crazy idea in my head -when we have to move out of our awesome rental house I will buy an RV and live in that with my dogs. That way I am paying rent but it's really just a loan that i'm paying off instead of making somebody else rich. Then I can move my house every other week instead of being stuck in one place. OOH sounds so good.


Charlene said...

buy that RV for me please!

the golden state of things said...

i had the same idea about the rv and i'd just live on the coast and pay the camp fee. the only thing is the shower situation. i know some rv's have showers in them, but they're in like a 3'x3' box. not my cup of tea.

on a similar note, i was looking on craigslit and a guy posted that he wanted someone to live in his airstream up in topanga in exchange for taking care of his horses. no rent! sounded awesome to me, but i still have bills to pay. dang!

Fashion Serial Killer said...

holy crap about the Topanga thing.. maybe you can work p/t while living up there and do the horse thing. My best friend used to live in Topanga, it's so pretty. As for the shower.. maybe you could get a portable one outside hehe.. like this
they aren't THAT small.. he he