Thursday, March 19, 2009

Sorry Charlie

I get so many sales calls at work and half the time the people upstairs don't want to take them so I have learned to screen calls. Most of the time I know they wont want to talk to them so I just place them back on hold for a few seconds and then I will pick up and tell them "Sorry, They are with a client at the moment" and then ask if I may take a message. I just pretend i'm writing down their info. They never call them anyhow so why waste paper and ink. Once I was called out by the guy calling and he asked me to read the numbers back to him HA HA! Shit, I just hung up the phone and the dude called me RIGHT BACK! So now I have learned to act like i'm writing them down and i'll read back the numbers as they say them so it seems more legit. So far it works.

I'm off tomorrow WOO HOO! Also, don't ever buy the Vitamin Water 10-it's nasty. I guess it's diet Vitamin Water YUCK to anything diet flavored or flavored with artificial sweeteners like Splenda, etc. I didn't notice that till I got home. I just thought they were new flavors.


Anonymous said...

Great job! your almost at just plain water. We won't count grape Crush soda because it was on the go like those chicken fingers were, cotton candy, nachos...lemonade FAT PEOPLE!=Depression

jazmine said...

AHAHAHAH you got called out, thats freakin funny!