Monday, March 16, 2009

Sun-day-ditty pt. 2

Janet told me about a town called Hayden and along the way we made a few more pit stops. There's this HUGE open pit copper mine and you were able to drive into a section and look over the edge. We also found a lil creek/river and some more old abandoned houses.

Ruby loves to eat grass. She was in grass heaven.

Awesome van. I would drive it as is all rusted out but with nice upholstery and windows.

I had to turn around to get a pic of this cool mailbox.


you'll find this (above) inside of this (below)

We tried to find a way into this old movie theatre. All we found was the back cellar. We went down this one staircase to a basement of the building next door-nothing too exciting to report.

Shadows. I love shadows.

There are so many saguaro's in this section of the desert

Here's the mine pics. This Mine was HUGE. If you click on it you will see the lil white trucks. Well, those lil trucks are actually HUGE trucks. The wheel of one of those suckers is below. I'm 5'6 if that helps

Chi Chi, Me, Ruby and Atilla ;o)

The dogs were happy they could run around. I was happy that nobody else was there. My dogs are bitchy sometimes and then they go into attack mode when people they don't know come around.


Charlene said...

Are the photos posted shot with your new camera? Love the family pictures!

Fashion Serial Killer said...

Yes.. I took them with the Leica. Takes great pics huh? wootwoot!