Monday, March 16, 2009

Sun-day-ditty pt. 3

We headed back to Superior to find the old abandoned movie theatre I spoke of in a past post. There also happened to be a carnival!

Fry Bread. I wish I had one, I got a churro instead.

I remember doing this game when I was a kid. I wonder what hap'd to all those mirrors we'd bring home.

Fun with shadows. I think around 5pm is my favorite time to take pics. The sun is so great then.

So many cute lil girls dresses. I should have got one for Chi Chi!

I love the funny T-shirt I found thrifting a few weeks ago. It says "I'm #3 I don't try at all"

And this was the sad moment. This is where the movie theatre WAS. We missed it by 4 months. GONE ;o(

I love to drive down alley's. You always find the best/craziest stuff when you see stuff from the back. We found this cat house. If you click on them you will see there are like 30 cat's living in this little thing.

This cat was so sweet and jumped right up and wanted some lovin'

I have another photo of this shop that I took years and years ago. I will have to post it for you. I cross processed the film and there's also a girl riding her bike by in the older one.


woodenheart said...

you made superior look really fun. thanks for sharing all of your pics.

Kiki said...

ohhhh love a good old fashioned carnival...

Charlene said...

Love the cats... does it look like someone feeds them? This park that I walk/run at they have a section where the cats live... Someone put some old dog houses and all the cats sleep in them. I wanna say there's about 40 cats! I always see this old lady feeding them. Stuff like that worries me!

Fashion Serial Killer said...

thanks for the comments ladies!

char-yes, somebody feeds the cats. There were bags and bags of food in there also.

Kiki-Carnival's are so great, so colorful. I'm scared to ride those rickety rides tho

Woodenheart-you really need to come with me sometime on a day trip. I'm horrible at calling people tho, I always feel like people are too busy or have other plans so I just never call.