Monday, March 23, 2009

We are Free

My Ruby against My Chi Chi

Hit up the Farmers market Saturday morning along with Matt's Big Breakfast. I think the only thing I have EVER ordered from there is the Belgium Waffle and Bacon. I'm a weirdo like that.

The colors were so pretty

This is the fiasco known as Last Chance. They hadn't opened the door yet and the people gather around like a buncha cows at the slaughter. I videotaped them going in also. That will come as soon as I post it on youtube. Last Chance is a discount place Nordstrom's sells all the stuff that's been returned, damaged or over stocked. It's where I found my Lanvin shirt for $5.99, Hudson jeans for $9.99 and Prada boots (which I now regret selling on Ebay) You can find a lot of good stuff for super cheap. They have a lot of Marc Jacobs and tons of other designer labels. I've even found SEE by Chloe stuff. If you ever come to the AZ you need to check it out. Preferably on a week night.

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Anonymous said...

Now I want a waffle and bacon, badly!