Friday, March 27, 2009

Yoga in LA

If you live in the Los Angeles area and are interested in Yoga my best friend Jazmine just did a little post about instructors/classes on her Blog She'll give you any recommendations or advice that you need. Sometimes I try to wimp out on going to classes with her when I visit by forgetting my yoga clothes/mat but we wear the same size clothes so it never works HA!

I still haven't taken any other classes in AZ besides the workshop BK did but I'm weird about doing certain things alone. If any of you guys want to go in AZ and can force me to go give me a call! My roommate has said I should take the Bikram classes with her but I think the heat would kill me.


woodenheart said...

i am totally afraid of bikram too. i know it's good for you but i'm afraid of passing out. i'd like to take one of the relaxing classes. my first real class was a few weeks ago and it was kundalini. ouch. that was tough.

Fashion Serial Killer said...

HA!I'm afraid of passing out also in the Bikram. I didn't like the Kundalini either. I guess I like the plain ol' regular Yoga. It's tempting to just join a gym to do the yoga classes bcuz they are WAAAAY cheaper.

Anonymous said...

i think im getting you yoga classes for your bday