Tuesday, April 21, 2009


Item number: 320346683504 various sizes also. I have always loved these Indian sandals.. we used to wear them when I was younger
Item number: 230058830207

Item number: 250407135876 Sz9.. Woah ha. space age!

Item number: 230337306715 Sz 9.5

Item number: 250409693342 JACKPOT!! But, only if you are a size 6-6.5 (Miss Sunshine, that's YOU!!) and have $300. I'd watch it tho. Sometimes when people list stuff and they don't sell I will email them and make them a lower offer. That's how I got my huge turquoise bracelet for so cheap.

Item number: 130300842010 Sz 8

Item number: 320360643760 Sz 8..

Item number: 250407318710 Sz 9.. pretty funky/unusual ey?

Item number: 370189622381 Sz 8-8.5

Item number: 260392823465 Sz 8

Item number: 370190922607 Sz 8.5
**These are all shoes I found while browsing Ebay. None the pics/shoes are mine. I didn't find too many good ones today tho.


Sunshine said...

dude kill me. you know i have not got the $300 or anything close to it but dude.
also i have those gold space age jobbies :D mine are taller tho.
and i WANT those flower painted fuchsia ones baddd

Fashion Serial Killer said...

I bet you can talk her down or talk her in to selling just one pair! ;oP

I wish I had the $300 also, damn money burns a hole in my bank acct/pockets and the space age ones are so wild, silver ones would be awesome!