Tuesday, May 26, 2009


Ya know what happens when you do something good? Something bad happens. I just found some neighbors dogs running around at night and I noticed their gate was open. I knocked and nobody answered so I came back later on and they finally answered and I told them their gate was open. I know I'd want that if my dogs were to get out, especially in this neighborhood where it backs up to miles and miles of desert and there are a ton of coyotes on the prowl for a hot piece of dog meat. Then I came home and started to take pics of something to put on Ebay and I drop my Leica digital camera and it breaks. WTF! Is it broken camera month for everybody or WHAT? I still owe $500 on this thing. I'm keeping my fingers crossed the warranty will cover it since it dropped on carpet and you can't see any dents or marks of being abused. If Karma does exist-they WILL fix my camera for free... if not.. FUCK it. I'm going on a rampage of bad. grrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr. Now I will drink a bottle of wine and watch Twilight.

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