Tuesday, May 26, 2009


Item number: 160337701075 Sz 7.5. Damn it. I've been looking for these in 8.5 and I can't seem to find them.
Item number: 310144522208 Sz 7.5
Item number: 180361522583 Sz 7.5
Item number: 250429330707 tiny Sz 5
Item number: 330331827728 Sz 7.5
Item number: 280345821160 Sz 7 Mens
Item number: 180360953690 Sz 5
Item number: 230345295966 Sz 7
Item number: 290319193531 ME-OWWWW Sz 8. These are similar to my green platforms that I love so much.
Holy SHIT!! So rad-Wish these were my size
Item number: 110393758725 Sz 7
Item number: 250431023910 SZ 6.5
Item number: 310143884127 SZ 7
as always.. none of these shoes or listings are mine.. I just spied them over on Ebay.


Maggie May said...

ooo silver! shiny!

Janet said...

i love shoesday...

Rackk and Ruin said...

why are the most fantastic vintage shoes always for tiny feeted people. . . my sister has tiny feet and always finds the best shoes second hand. at least we never fight over shoes at thrift stores!!

Fashion Serial Killer said...

I know! It's totally not fair. What did our mothers feed us that made our feets grow ten times bigger than our ancestors