Wednesday, May 20, 2009


Ok these always show up in reverse.. I have no clue how to fix them. I'm computer savy but not THAT savy. More like Lazy. This is Mateo, Jazmine's 4 yr old. He's a doll. Below is Umani-happiest lil girl ever.

They have the most amazing bed, so colorful. I think it would take up my whole room tho it's so big!

We headed down to the promenade with the kids and saw these awesome acrobats. I have NO clue how they are able to do it.

Sonrisa Mateo!

We had a ladies night out for the first time in ages. I love hefeweizen beer. Yum.

It's been 23 years or something crazy like that. We still talk on the phone everyday.

I think I've lost some photos on my camera? I know I took more. I had a nice time and I always feel as if I never have enough time. I felt my first LA earthquake -spooky! Jazmine and BK gave me a bunch of cool stuff that they no longer needed/wanted. I now have two fancy stainless steel garbage cans, two cool Indian side tables and an AeroGarden. Basil will soon be on it's way.

I left around 2:15 and didn't make it home till after 9 pm.. I hit LA traffic and also made a pit stop in Cabazon to check out some of the outlets. There was a baby bird laying in the drivethru. I can't believe nobody stopped to pick it up and move it before it would get run over. Good thing for the baby bird I came along and swooped the poor lil thing up and put it in a safer place. I hope it will survive. People SUCK. Oh, I also got pulled over by a cop in Cabazon for doing a California roll thru a stop sign. Thank GOD he let me go with just a warning. It was my lucky day. I did that in Elgin and got a $100 ticket years and years ago.

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