Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Lake Pleasant was Pleasant

Yoli and Mone
Mark and Yoli. I guess the lake is usually SUPER crazy over Memorial Day weekend but this time it was pretty chill.. even the cove where everybody parks their boats together to party was kinda vacant.

This is what clumsy me did to my arm Friday morning. I spilled scalding hot lemon/ginger/honey water all over my arm and shattered my new glass-great job Cindy! It didn't bubble tho and it could have been worse.

Yoli and her brother came to town Friday for a short, short visit. Mone, another high school friend from Elgin, IL took us all out on his boat. I nearly crapped my pants with the way he was driving that boat. We were going 50 miles an hour jumping over the waves, then he'd turn the steering wheel super sharp and we'd nearly flip over, at least it felt that way. I made the mistake of pouring my beer right before we took off and I lost all the beer within the first 2 minutes. I am kinda glad he made me leave my dogs at home. They would have HATED that boat ride. It was fun tho... perfect weather.

My friend Mone and I moved to AZ back in 1997 and have been here ever since. I've known him since high school-we got in trouble in Sculpture Class and had to write an essay because I was passing around a photo we had of him with his pants pulled down.

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