Monday, May 11, 2009

The Way it Was..

My Dad's old Chevy Delivery- 1974

My Dad was always working on old cars (still is) I love the smell of bondo, hate the smell of clear..

My Grandpa in Hibbing, MN

My Dads old Honda.

My Sister Cheryl, me and my lil brother Bj.

we used to ride that 6 wheeler thru corn fields and swamps and lakes-so fun- 'cept for the fact that when you drove thru the cornfields we'd get covered in bugs-YUCK.

My sister and I in Hibbing, MN. Since my Grandma lived in the middle of nowhere, we'd be able to cruise the 3 wheelers all over the place. Damn horse fly's sucked in the summer tho.

My Dad used to hunt on his motorbike sometimes-the Yamaha's so rad.

I'm the little boy on the far left. Well, at least that's what everybody always thought. My Mom would always make me cut my hair so short and I hated it.

My Dad and his deer

Such a comedian

We built this cabin up in MN. It lasted a year and then some jerk burned it down. Sad.

and somebody stole my Dad's wolf hide.

My goofy Uncle Jon and my lil brother BJ on the log bridge my Dad built over the wetlands to get to the cabin. I was about 14 in these pics? 1986

This is a funny one. If you look closely you'll see a dead deer laying over the two motorbikes.

I was such a tomboy.

We have 8mm video of my Dad in this blazer at these competitions where they'd drive these trucks up a big ol hill and see how high they could get. He even did it with us in the car a few times. I still remember getting hurt once when my back hit the speaker case my Dad made.

My Mom and sister. Ok that's enough from my past...


Janet said...

haha! well I guess washing your mouth out with soap is not a good tactic...cuz it sure didn't work in your case. sorry i'm mia...almost done with you tomorrow or wednesday!

Ms.Lou said...

Lovin the pics! Is that my old lover Bandit, the dalmatian? 14 years old eh, i remember you from then.

Fashion Serial Killer said...

HA.. I know. I'll always have a bad mouth and get yelled at by my friends parents at social functions. As for Bandit, why YES Cindy, it is your old spotted lover he he..