Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Привет! До свидания!

Item number: 170339248820 Ok this face mask is fucking RAD!!!! Nick, I think you should get this for when you ride your motorbike.
Item number: 120428617356
I have this same jacket but it's not suede.. Jazmine gave it to me and I love it SO SO MUCH!

Item number: 300304934102
Item number: 350207895202
Shit, Lee - this is the hat you needed for your trip/Midwestern Winters/Fall!!!
Item number: 350193452947
Item number: 370208475456

Item number: 130310348301

Item number: 280351362597

Item number: 190312119538
There ya go.. all your Russian fantasies come true.. Including a cool old Russian Motorbike. Now all I need is a hot Russian guy to put the goofy masks on and ride him around on the back. Someday I'll make it to Russia... Someday.
All this stuff is from Ebay. Where else? I'm addicted to looking at Ebay if you couldn't tell already.

This Russian Model (same guy in the pic above or below) will do just fine. Love tall skinny guys.
this guy can come along as well.. Do they have Russian Men Websites where you can order a man, like you can with Russian Women?


Ivanhoe Books - Art And Design said...

HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHHAHAAAAAA. You made me laugh out loud in the store! Yes. I'm sure you can find a website where you can order hot Russian men. Why not? I like small slightly emaciated men that look like hobbits. I think it's very important to have a type.

Fashion Serial Killer said...

hehehe I'm glad I was able to make you laugh ;o) I will keep an eye out for lil skinny hobbit men if you keep an eye out for tall skinny interesting men for me. I'm sure there's a TON more in Cali than there are here, that's fo sho!