Wednesday, July 1, 2009


SZ 40 (9) item# 180376455519
and two to make you laugh. This is why I should NOT leave the house and ESP should NOT be allowed to drink when I DO leave the house.These are a few more pics that have surfaced from the white party. That poor 22 yr old boy.. good LORD! I look like a total slut.. swear I wasn't. I was home alone by 4 am.

That's Mone pouring water on us to "cool" us off when we were already in the barrel that held all the beer/ice.


allison orphan said...

im glad that you are back in business! i missed my skinnny glasses girl!!!

Fashion Serial Killer said...

aww yay.. i'm glad somebody missed me! ;o) It's so weird not having internet. i wish i could drive out this weekend but i'd have to bring all 3 dogs if i did..jaz wont let me have the dogs at her house.