Wednesday, July 1, 2009

Here Comes the Bride..

The wedding took place in Greer, AZ. It's about a 3.45 hour drive from Phoenix. I drove up with Wez and learned a new joke..

This deer or elk head was made of all wood. Pretty cool.

the one cute boy that worked at the resort. (on the right with the red tie)

Grandparents of the Bride

Mother and Father of the Bride.

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M.'s Ramblings said...

Those bridesmaid dresses look uber cute! So summery and light. Great pics btw - maybe you oughta get into wedding or event photography on the side, huh?

And you should totally visit New Orleans, girl. It's your kinda town.....kinda gritty, kinda dirty, with a whole lotta soul. Hell, you can drink in the streets, what's not to love.