Wednesday, July 1, 2009

Shiny Happy People Shirt

I've been M.I.A bacause the internet connections been down at my work since the weekend...supposedly somebody came here and unplugged a bunch of stuff.Makes no sense to me, then again a lot of employees are bummed since the HUGE paycut we just took and the few people they fired.

My Dad had to go to Omaha to find a job as a bodyman. It was quite humorous to hear he said it was full of hicks-my Dads the biggest hick I know! Esp since he's from Hibbing, MN. No offense to anybody but if you met my Dad you would understand. My Dad and his 3 brothers grew up in the middle of nowhere with a single mother who wouldn't except any charity. They couldn't attend any after school events or play on the sport teams because they had to come straight home to do the daily chores.He ran away more than once and begged the cops not to take him back. He was in reform school and said him and his brothers never lost a fight. My Dad is one of the toughest Dads I know. I remember these kids were picking on us and being mean at the bus stop so we told our Dad and he came out there n picked the kid up by his collar off the ground, needless to say the kids never messed with us again.

I don't know why I just told you all that....what was the point of this post?

Oh internet. I'm doing this from my phone and its a pain in the arse. I leave you with a pic of the print on this cute vintage shirt I got a few weeks ago. I will post pics of some of my other great finds as soon as the system is back up. I hardly ever use the internet at home because I'm on the computer alllll day at work. Sorta one of those things like where if you work at a grocery store you hate grocery shopping, if you work at a restaurant you can't eat there. I will also be posting the pics from the wedding and be putting some jimmy choo's on ebay.

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