Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Wait, Maybe This Was Day 2?

Ok so I guess there used to be an "N" instead of an "&".. WTF! They made them change it, gosh, I wonder why? Pretty funny name nonetheless. We went to go visit with my friend Rachel and her Sister Natalie in Pilsen. We hit up a vintage shop, walked around the neighborhood and then headed to Pitchfork. We got scalped tickets for only $20!!!! Rad, considering they were $35 online before they sold out.

Miles of bikes chained to the fences in any lil space they could find. They were piled high and low. I wish I could have gotten a better pic.

This photographer there had a camera I had never seen or heard of before. I snapped a pic so I wouldn't forget the name. It's a widelux. SO RAD! "The Widelux is a fully mechanical swing-lens panoramic camera first developed in Japan in 1948, with both 35mm(the F6, F7 and F8 models) and medium-format (1500) models available. The WIDELUX cameras manage this trick because of a 26mm lens pivoting on an axis. This pivoting lens allows for some special effects not available with traditional cameras" from Wikipedia. I want one now but they are $$$$$$$$$$$

DoomBeirut. So awesome..My Leica is shitty when it comes to zooming in so I took some pics of the screens so you can see better.

Every time the drummer would appear on the screen everybody would cheer. I still can't really figure out why.I'm guessing it's because he always had this amazingly HUGE smile on his face while playing.

An old friend George

We ended the night at the Black Beetle and then the Skylark. It was a good day. Indeed. I'm was a bit disappointed with the lack of cute boys at the Pitchfork fest tho.

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