Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Day 2- Chicago-Shopping

I was hoping we could pull up alongside this cute boy on his old Honda. Damn traffic stopped us.

There was a huge army/navy surplus. I don't know why but I like those kinda stores. My friend kenne just pointed this out about the SOLVE sticker above MJ on the sign below. Read more here

We hit up the Hollywood Mirror again so I could get the hats that I lost 4 hours after I bought them last time. They are the hats that my bro and Yoli are wearing in the 1st post-the Motorcycle helmet one and Bruce Lee.

This is for Nick and Mandy...

Yoli and I loved this rad Turkish style coffee shop They give you water with a slice of cucumber in it-yum. I'm afraid to go to Turkey, I'm afraid I'll want to buy every single thing I see-love their style when it comes to decor/jewlery/etc..

This old BMW bike was in the coolest shoe shop, which was also the most expensive shoe shop-depressing.

coolest looking liquor store i've seen in a while. The mirror part is the front window!

I took a photo of this record in Reckless so I wouldn't forget that it's one to buy when I get paid again. Reckless Records is one of my favorite record shops-way better than any crappy Phoenix record shop. Ok wait, I take that back, Eastside and Revolver are two good ones.


No, No.. FUCK YOU! Not M.J!

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