Monday, August 10, 2009

Friday Night's Alright

Put my big ass cruiser in the back of my lil ass car (still can't believe it fit, no pun intended-did it all in a mini dress and cowboy boots) and drove down to 1st Friday's to meet up with Angela. Some guy from the New Times took our photo AND we hungout with a rock star. I had no clue he was one either HA. Saturday I went thrifting, drove around downtown to try to get some pics so someday I can maybe do a photo show, went to TT Roadhouse and forgot how much I enjoy that bar, Sunday I did some lapidary work with my ghetto ass dremel and made some crystal necklaces, napped, went to Valley Fever and chickened out of watching scary movies alone at the house. If you knew where we lived you'd understand the scary part. It backs up to a desert preserve and I'm always worried somebody is going to get me. Don't get me wrong, I'd love to live in the middle of nowhere for a lil bit but I'd still think people were watching me thru the windows. Paranoid? Sabbath knows.

Most of the photos above are from other random blogs-they are NOT my pics, I just love the outfits, etc.
This is for the rebel who arouses.

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