Monday, August 10, 2009

John Hughes 80s Montage *RIP* - Teenage Wasteland (Baba O'Riley)

The Moldy Doily posted this video and now I am re-posting it. I totally forgot how much these movies were a part of my life, esp growing up in the midwest (Illinois) and it totally brought a tear to my eye. If I could compare John Hughes to a famous musical group it'd be The Beatles-they could do no wrong and neither could Hughes.

I just found out he dropped out of University of Arizona AND that he wrote for National Lampoons Magazine. I'm now going to scour the ones I have and see if I can find any stories from him. If I was to buy any box set of movies it's going to HAVE to be his. I don't even like watching movies over and over again but I think I really need to re-watch all of his movies.


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More John Hughes goodness:

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HA! Mandy, I just read that earlier also!..

Sunshine.. AWESOME! Thank you.