Tuesday, August 4, 2009


Item number: 200364847914Sz 8.5 and only $19.99 BIN
Item number: 130322750132 SZ 9
Item number: 260455998969 Sz 9
Item number: 260456190965 tiny size 5.. ouch
Item number: 190324689673 SZ 8.5
Item number: 370237946305 SZ 9
Item number: 390077606633 oh shit these are bad.. but will need repair SZ 7-7.5
Item number: 260456660174 SZ 6
Item number: 230362885117 SZ 8.. don't these remind you of Barbie shoes? Love it..
Item number: 370236910352 Sz 5.5
Item number: 280378542109 RAD but Sad side 6..
**All shoes via Ebay, none of them are mine. Shit, I wouldn't sell half of these if they were.
Do you ever have such lame dreams that they exhaust you the next day? I'm really sick of those types. I wish I could meditate and not think for a change but for some reason my head wont shut off. Messed up.

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