Friday, September 25, 2009


I've never been to the Tour De Fat Tire but I think this year I will DEF GO! I always like a good excuse to ride my vintage cruiser. Maybe there will be some cute boys there-HA GOOD ONE CINDY-This is Arizona there are NO cute boys here. I also finally took my mountain bike out of the shed and filled the tires up. Is it just me or am I the only person who is always terrified of a tire blowing up when I fill it up? Even when I fill my car tires up I am SO scared they will blow and blow my face off. Paranoid Cindy Strikes Again!

An older pic from camping in the car with the dogs.

Oh and on another note- HOLY SHIT I went online to check my cell phone bill and it was $523!!!!!!! Apparently even just having your G1 Phone on is a bad idea. They also told me I could text and not be charged so I texted and I texted -bad idea... They charged me for that as well. Thank GOD they took all the charges off-I can't afford a $523 cell phone bill- I was ready to cry. I will be sure to NOT bring or even turn on a cell phone the next time I leave the country-shit.


Initials BB said...

oh, i'm afraid of car tires exploding in my face while filling them up too! last time i had to fill mine up, it took me something like 45 minutes and i got made fun of by the gas station employees.

Fashion Serial Killer said...

HHHAHA that made me laugh out loud at work. Thanks. Maybe they have a name for people like us? A very special name...