Friday, September 25, 2009


I'm trying to figure out what to do this weekend. I get paid today (if the check doesn't bounce like they do occasionally here at work) I'd like to head out of town and am thinking about heading up to Winslow, AZ. It seems as if there are a lot of neat lil towns to check out on the way. Jack Rabbit, AZ and Holbrook where the Wig Wam Hotel is sound cool. I need to find inspiration and I also need to take more photos with my old cameras. This weekend is also the Standing on the Corner Festival in Winslow HAHA.. I know, sounds silly-a festival based on the Eagles song. I saw a photo of these twin arrows that I'd like to hit up as well. Now getting my ass up and doing this is a whole other story. I must force myself to do something different. I'm getting so bored with everything lately. I will bring the dogs and sleep in the back of my lil car-believe it or not I can sleep in the back of my Honda Fit and not even have to bend my legs!!! I know bcuz the dogs and I have done it before when I went camping last and when our air conditioner broke. I tried sleeping in my car because it was cooler outside but, I ended up going back into the 100 degree house anyways. I figured if I was going to be hot I might as well be more comfortable in my own bed.

**Change of plans... guess we're going camping with a group of boys and 2 girls. I'd kinda rather explore small abandoned towns but I guess it will have to wait. If anybody ever wants to go email or call me, I need a partner in crime.

Cindy Adams- I wish you were here to go with me... I wish my good (real) friends lived closer.


Ms.Lou said...

I am there in spirit! We could go to Winslow with the dogs, camp out in the Ponderosas and drink your favorite..jack and coke.

Fashion Serial Killer said...

*sigh* i wish!!!! ugh.. miss you guys.