Friday, September 18, 2009

"Goddamn Job"

I wish these Isabel Marant's were mine
I am a bowl of "soup can crazy"

good job dressing yerself fella'- I like it. Random pics from random places-Sartorialist prob, stylesightings and prob fashion copius.

I need a new job. Anybody want to give me a new job? I will move anywhere for it-I don't have a degree but if you show me how to do something I can most likely do it-well, NO Algebra or super complex Science stuff and hopefully at least $17 an hour.. I need a change and this 30% paycut is killing me. I applied for a bunch online so we'll see if anybody calls me back!


Ivanhoe Books - Art And Design said...

FUFUFUFUFUFgugugufufuugu. I wish those Isabel's were mine too. Swoon. I'll bet you hear something about those jobbies online. I can feel it in my waters.

Fashion Serial Killer said...

maybe we can buy a pair together and split them. one month you can have them and one month i can have them. i don't even know where they sell them tho? thanks about the jobs-i hope so as well. Wish i could find a job in LA that pays enough for me to afford to live there-i'd love it.. scared tho.