Thursday, September 17, 2009

It's a Serial Thing

I just watched BADLANDS with Sissy Spacek and Martin Sheen from 1973. It was loosely based on Charles Starkweather and Caril Ann Fugate. Of course I fell asleep for the last 40 min's of the movie. I watched the ending today tho at work.

84% of American serial killers are Caucasian, 90% are male and 86% are heterosexual.

84% of American killers are Caucasian and 89% of their victims are white. 16% of serial killers are black.

Serial killers tend to be intelligent with IQ’s in the “bright normal” range, however, they often do poorly in school, are unable to hold down jobs and often work as unskilled laborers.

Many serial killers engage in sadistic activity at a young age, torturing animals or abusing younger children. 24% kill their first victim while in their thirties, 44% start in their twenties and 26% start in their teens.

The USA has 76% of the world’s serial killers. California leads the US with the most Serial Homicide cases, followed by Texas, New York, Illinois and Florida. Maine has the lowest occurences (none) while Hawaii, Montana, North Dakota, Delaware and Vermont have each had only one case of serial murder.

Europe in second, has 17%. Of these, 28% are from England, 27% from Germany and 13% from France.

65% of victims are female.

the old Caddy is rad, I think the police car is a Fairlane? Not sure tho. The movie was decent, not great and if you read up about the real killers the story is quite different.

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