Tuesday, September 8, 2009


SZ 7
Item number: 170167081793
SZ 7.5
Item number: 150369848938

SZ 7
Item number: 130328691660
SZ 7.5
Item number: 400071884123
Bad Add-Too Bad-Too Small SZ 7.5
Item number: 150371439256

SZ 8
Item number: 220474758471
All shoes are from Ebay and are not mine.
I can't find too much today. I don't know if it's because I'm super tired or if I'm just lazy or just have the blues. I think it's all of the above. All I can seem to think about lately is my life and how to change it and what to do with it and what I'm doing wrong with it. You know, those kinds of things. I will fix this tho, somehow, someway. Any ideas would be great-booze didn't help, it just gave me a gut.
Oh-HA, I was stuck sitting next to a couple that practically had sex next to me on the airplane to Houston. I lucked out and got 1st Class to Cancun from Houston because they messed up the standby list. I got to the airport and found out that my flight was delayed and that I was going to miss my connecting flight from Houston to Cancun so I noticed that there was an earlier flight to Houston so I asked to be put on the standby list and I got on, then when I got to Houston I saw an earlier flight to Cancun as well. I waited and waited and they didn't call my name so I went to the counter to see what was going on and they said my name wasn't on the list and she proceeded to show me the list and I was like "it's right there" .She felt bad and upgraded me to 1st class on my original connecting flight. I love flying 1st class- free BOOZE!


woodenheart said...

i thought of you yesterday when my aunt pulled out a pair of platforms she wore in the 70's. they were awesome except they've been taken over by termites. do you know if they can be fixed?

Fashion Serial Killer said...

oooh NICE!!!! but termites-ouch. I think maybe you could have somebody that knows how to make wood stuff re-do the bottom? you should take a pic and let me see.. maybe there's something else that can be done as well? I wish my relatives and parents had cool stuff to hand down to me! as for the furry creatures-i forget what they are called.. duh.