Wednesday, October 7, 2009

Daily Heart On

Pretty top but I forget where I saw it online.
My 4-Runner that my friend Mone has had for a year and a half and STILL wont fix the blown head gasket. I don't complain too often b-cuz he's doing it for free. I'm getting impatient tho- I can't wait to have a 4 wheel drive vehicle so I can run over curbs and stuff. I miss my old Truck but I love my Honda Fit. I'm just scared to hurt it with the way I drive, plus it's not so good to bring down some of those dirt roads when I go camping. Some of those roads are pretty harsh.
look at this cute skinny boy.... Stole this pic from Rackk and Ruin Blog. Gram in this video *sigh* I wish there were some cool older guys to meet in this town. All the boys I meet are 26 and younger. I haven't even kissed a boy in like 8 months. I guess I don't try too hard and plus I don't go out all that often. Maybe I need to start dressing and acting like a 37 yr old???? FUCK THAT! BORING. I guess i've only dated younger boys, MUCH younger-that's prob my problem.


Ivanhoe Books - Art And Design said...

No! Don't date golden oldies!

Fashion Serial Killer said...

HAHAHA Golden Oldies. that's a good one. Ok, OK then send me out some cute boys from Cali! ;o)

Initials BB said...

hah. there aren't any good young ones either anyway. i don't know what it is about this place. everyone is either boring, weird or an addict. sometimes all three!

Fashion Serial Killer said...

YOU ARE SO right about this place. I think the same of most as well. I was lucky to find a few cool normal folk. I mean, I'm not totally normal either ;o)

I often miss the Midwest people.

grant said...

love me some FBB and GP!