Wednesday, October 7, 2009

For The Boys.. or Girls..

Stole this from I'll even steal his explanation bcuz it's pretty damn funny. She's pretty good with that pole.. the move she made that broke the pole was cool.

"During one of the pole dancing championships in Moscow, a pole artiste proved how powerful her pussay was by breaking the pole. "Breaking the pole" is not some kind of pun for how she destroyed peen boners in the room. No, bitch really broke the pole! They must have secured it with two pieces of chewed gum and a dab of dick saliva, because the pole came loose when she started twirling around it. Being the professional that she is, she didn't kick that pole or call 911, she simply posed like she meant to do that. Break the pole, but don't break your spirit!"


Rob said...

saw some pipe dancin tonight!

Fashion Serial Killer said...

If you are ever in LA you should go to the strip club called Jumbo's Clown Room. There was a girl there that took a cigarette out of guys mouth, put it in her crotch ,did a head spin, then took it out and gave it back. Amazing.