Thursday, October 15, 2009


All of these will hopefully be on Ebay later this afternoon. I just hate doing the listings so I try to avoid it but I really need money so I best be getting my butt in gear. They will appear in that scrolling bar near the top of my blog. It's a mixture of vintage, current/elliot and stuff from Anthropologie.

I will leave you with some good quotes.

" I learned something in jail-when you go into jail as a pacifist, you come out as a stronger pacifist"-Joan Baez

"hell is not a lake of fire and being poked with pitchforks, it's being caged up by regrets that leave your heart empty, you wander through a wood of regret finding what grew there by the seeds you yourself planted." -my friend Rich sent me this (tho he didn't make that up) and the one below.

"like nietzsche said, 'is it better to outmonster the monster or to be quietly devoured?""

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