Monday, October 19, 2009

Not Much

I WILL see the inside of this beautiful mansion that's abandoned on 2nd ave. I LOVE old houses and I love exploring them. I hate when people destroy them. If you are going to squat a place, take care of it as if it were your own ya know? jerks stole all the copper and ruined the electrical stuff on the house. We have an idea of turning this into a venue/bar or brothel! JK bought the brothel part, tho it does have a bedroom upstairs from what I hear. Wouldn't that be great if you could have a venue for bands and have a room upstairs for them to stay at? Speaking of cool-check out these RAD photos that were taken with a "Ghost Hunting Camera" on Lississippi's blog here I must get one of these cameras.

Loaded up the dogs and headed to my folks house Saturday bcuz our house is hotter than hell-95 degrees inside since the air is broke AGAIN. My Dad just finished painting this old car-I think it's a 30 something Ford? I HATED the smell of clear as a kid but loved the smell of bondo. When we were kids we'd have to help my Dad mask off or sand down a lot of the old cars he was working on. He taught me how to change the oil on my own car as well. It's easy to do on some cars, I don't do it these days tho-too lazy and the $9.99 deals are HARD to beat. He also taught me to drive stick-I have never owned an automatic car. I think i'm afraid that if I got an automatic, i'd space out and fall asleep from having nothing to keep my hands busy with. I argued with my Dad about Columbus and he also told me a story about how my Uncle's dog (the meanest dog ever) died while he was working down in Louisiana and so he put the dog in a bag and then in a box and buried it. Then when the work was all done down south he dug the dog back up and brought it back to Hibbing, MN. HA HA HA.. Crazy runs in our blood.

Went to the lake yesterday but had to keep my bitch Ruby on a leash and keep a close eye on her bcuz she wanted to take out the other two dogs that were waaaay tougher and bigger than she was. Hit up the Roosevelt with Mone and Virginia-they had a delicious turkey dog with carmelized onions and cranberry spicy mustard. Cindy A, I miss going there with you *sigh* I also need to learn that when you hang with Mone you will NOT get home before Midnight. I'm tired today-ugh.

Ok ready for the gross? Freaked out bcuz my other dog Atilla has worms. Threw up a lil bit in my mouth thinking "FUCK, what if I get them? She woke me up kissing my face" GNARLY.. so gnarly and scared I chugged some apple cider vinegar and swallowed a few chunks of raw garlic whole. I've had garlic burps for a day now. I sure hope she's the only one that has them. Bought all the meds on Ebay for ALL the dogs just in case, poured 4 gallons of bleach on the patio area and watered it down. Cleaned the house and sprayed clorox spray cleaner on everything. Why am I telling you this?


woodenheart said...

that house is rad and so is your idea! on another note, how'd you find out atilla had worms?

Fashion Serial Killer said...

ugh, it's pretty gnarly ha... they were in her poop. i saw them when I went to pick it up while walking. YUCK!!!!! I'm pretty sure they are Tapeworms and I need some droncit to cure her. The safeguard stuff I just found out wont get rid of them completely.

Cheetah Velour said...

Ha ha! I got one of those ghost cameras at the party store last year. If you turn the camera longways (you know, like to get a shot of someone standing up or an entire tree or something) then the ghost will appear sideways.

Oh man, now I need to find some of those photos and post them for you.

Ms.Lou said...

It almost looks like the first car photo was taken with the Ghost camera. Who is going to be the Madam of the Brothel?
I miss the night rides to get cocktails too.

Initials BB said...

that house looks awesome. i have long wanted to investigate some of the "abandoned" (i think? sometimes hard to tell!) houses downtown, but i always puss out. maybe because the last time i did that in high school, i found myself surrounded by an army of homeless men closing in on me as i was standing on a milk crate trying to get in a window! i bolted at the sight of that. that was the old sante fe station which is probably gone now.

melississippi said...

i used to sneak into old houses when i was a teenager, that sounds so fun

Fashion Serial Killer said...

I'm always up for mischief. I'd love to go searching for old abandoned houses. The Midwest always had some good ones-i miss the midwest sometimes. As for the homeless men-mace would fix that or bring a dog with.

There's a neat old abandoned house on a hill in my neighborhood. so rad but the last time we were handing out drinking there the cops showed up HA.

Cheetah-DEF POST SOME i'd love to see them. I MUST find me one of those cameras.