Friday, October 9, 2009

Reclaimed. Recycled.

The whole slideshow can be seen here So COOL! This guy builds houses out of garbage, scrap, etc. Cork floors, fireplace from an old ship, wine bottle ends, old shingles, frame corner samples and even cow bones. I love stuff like this.


jessie frances said...

i was just reading about this guy! amazing!!!

woodenheart said...

have you been to that house at south mountain? it's like this one... built out of junk and garbage. you have to pay for a tour but it might be worth it.

Janet said...

lets just give up on boys and build one of these houses together...i'm getting too impatient for my dreams to come true...ha ha.

buzzy sullivan said...

Holy hell that frame corner sample ceiling is fucking amazing!!!!

Fashion Serial Killer said...

Jessie-I know huh? so rad.. btw-i can't find my damn headband i bought from you. I need to take a pic with it still and DUH it's somewhere in my house.

Lani-Yes, I have been to the Mystery Castle. I don't know if you are still able to do the tours anymore tho? It was rad!

Janet-ME TOO! I think mine would blow over if I tried to make one by myself

Buzzy- Isn't that rad? I would love to look up and see all that madness