Monday, November 16, 2009

Salvation Mountain.

We got to meet the maker of this giant beauty. Leonard. So rad.


Wes Drelleshak Photography said...

hey girl its WesD glad to meet you.
here is my email Im working on your headstand photo's.
P.s thanks for getting the party started in my Sears like photobooth.waylon is blasting on pandora right now thanks to you

woodenheart said...

these photos are so rad! i can't believe you met him!!

Fashion Serial Killer said...

hey hey WesD!!! I can't wait to see that headstand pic-I'm actually kinda scared. I don't remember what other kinds of photos I had taken of me. I hope my clothes didn't come off like that one girls HAHA. Anytime with the help getting the photo booth started. You can take me with to any event and give me a few beers and I'll get that photo booth started. Waylon is the best.

Fashion Serial Killer said...

Lani-thank you!!! You guys have to go out there. I think he's pretty much there all the time. So rad.