Monday, December 28, 2009

Conviviality 2009

Stole the top pic from Janet. I thought if I drank wine out of the tiniest lil ball glass all night that i'd be able to stay somewhat sober. That didn't work. I'm still trying to figure out why the palms of my hands are bruised and how I got a lil cut on my top lip? I must have headbutted somebody dancing? As for the palms-maybe I was thrown across the dancefloor? Sonia just sent me her pics as well Click here
I should have taken a photo standing up so you could see the full dress. I got it at the thriftstore for $3.98 and Dana bought me the headpiece for xmas. I believe the dress is from the 40's.. I could be wrong tho.This Fuji instant polaroid film or whatever it was called was taken by the lovely Lississippi

Dance party was off the hook. Ms Janet posted some photos on her site as well here I sure hope the videos of me going ape shit do not surface. The palms of my hands are bruised and my legs are killing today. Somebody tried to steal one of Dana's velvet paintings and my wood cross with the 7 deadly sins- we found those at the bottom of the hill near the street tho I also discovered my Pyrex bowl this morning in the bathroom cabinet. I believe people were trying to smuggle stuff out of our bathroom window bcuz that was wide open and it was screwed shut. Someone also stole Brittany's Iphone but she tracked it and found it laying on the median on the side of the freeway near I-10 and Buckeye WTF!!! Losers.

Sorry you missed it Harold-hope you are feeling better. At least you got one night of hanging with us girls ;o) Have a "Cup of Soup" it will make you feel waaay better. I needed a good long weekend of friends esp after work on Wednesday. My Boss flipped a lid on me for something that's not my fault and he scared me and kicked my desk really hard and swore over and over and I left here crying. The stress here is getting to me.


Janet said...

I guess I wasn't the only one crowd surfing!

Janet said...

it looks like marks pants split...ha funny.

I don't know who those girls were

Fashion Serial Killer said...

HAHA Yah they did.. they were torn all the way open. so fucking funny. And yes, We were both crowd surfing and god knows what else hap'd..