Monday, January 18, 2010

On a Friday

We hit up Dicks Hideaway for some dinner and then to the Foundry for a bit. Drank too much, became a bit abusive in a kidding around kinda way(turquoise rings and booze don't mix well) and thus we got left at the bar (we had a car there tho) HA.. good times, weird times. I know I'm guilty as this as well- but if you always kid around nobody can take you seriously when you are being serious. I've never been good at reading people. Shit, I didn't even know my old roommates were heroin addicts and I even had to walk thru one of their rooms to get to mine AND share a bathroom with them-talk about DUH. As long as we are on the subject I also have to stop being so negative and stop complaining. I'm a stubborn Aries with a head of fire.


Freaky Rico said...

Hehe, here it is, nice pictures.

Fashion Serial Killer said...

oh shit haha.. yes. I may have been inebriated. Maybe.. I'll def keep an eye on it and try to snap a pic next time i'm there. Glad you like the pics!