Tuesday, January 26, 2010


Two of the cutest babies ever born... Mateo and Umani and one of my Ruby when she was a baby.

Memorial Day Parade- Chicago, IL

Idaho Cindy, I miss having you around!!!

Stagecoach Festival a few years back Me with Miss Jessica

You see those red dots all over Ruby's belly? That's what happens when you get attacked by No-see-ums. What a scene out of a horror movie that was! We pulled over up north in the woods to eat a sandwich and let the dogs run around. The next thing we knew we were surrounded by these lil gnat like bugs and the dogs kept rolling around on the ground. I had no idea why they were rolling around until I looked closer and realized these bugs were attacking them. They got us as well-oh man.. The dogs were COVERED in 100's of bites.

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Ms.Lou said...

Miss you too Phoenix Cindy. Great shot including Ms Shelley..http://www.shelleyjund.com/
must talk to you soon about a city fix