Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Adolf Wolfli

Adolf Wölfli
"Grammophon," 1915
**Adolf Wölfli
"Rosalia Walther, Owner of the Grand-
Hotel on Mount Neveranger," 1911

Adolf Wölfli
"Strichnin. Milk. Vitriol, Gasoline.
The Wölfli Family at Table," 1909

If you like Henry Darger you should DEF look up Adolf Wolfli. He was one of the first artists to be associated with Outsider Art. He spent his adult life in a psychiatric hospital and like Darger he created a semi-autobiographical epic which consisted of 45 volumes, totalling over 25,000 pages and 1,600 illustrations!! Pretty interesting stuff here and here

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filo said...

another mad artist ! also portrayed by coleman ;-)