Wednesday, February 3, 2010

"Jack Daniels If You Please...."

Look at those skinny lil tires on this Yamaha. I don't know too much about bikes but I wonder what the diff is when riding them? Fat or Skinny? Maybe it's like riding a person that's Fat or Skinny. Somebody should let me know... H.W.M- you've been a good teacher so far. I can almost tell the diff between Panheads/knuckleheads/Shovelheads from your lesson when you were here.
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or maybe this one is more fitting

on a slightly diff note.. here's one for the boys/girls with Panheads


The Crew said...

The difference between fat and skinny during the ride is nearly impossible to ascertain, but the differences become obvious when you're parked. Fat retains more heat, and is generally moister due to excess sweat. Skinny looks good at first glance, but disorders of varied nature can and usually occur. What were we talking about?

John S. said...

That's a radical-looking bobbed hardtailed XS650 (hard to believe it started out like the one in my FB pics that I rode for the last 2 years) Skinny tires, wide tires- in the extreme they both look somewhat silly to me. A hardtail with solo seat is fine if you don't like riding with girls (I happen to like to) and you enjoy your ass and spine being hit with a 2# sledgehammer...

Incidentally, David Allen Coe was an Outlaw MC member at one time. (remember the 101 course, black-and-white?)
John Scribner

Fashion Serial Killer said...

McGoo--HAHA.. you got it right on. silly rabbit. I'm skinny and I never sweat-for reals.. I can't sweat-I'll do 1.5 hours of yoga and be dry as a dog. Not that kinda dry PERV

John- I don't recall that 101 class? I'm guessing something just went right over my head.

John S. said...

"Motorcycle Clubs 101". Black-and-white (Outlaws), Red-and White (Hells Angels, Big Red Machine, etc....) sigh. Nobody ever listens to us old guys... hahahaha!
You need a bike, missy!
John S.

Fashion Serial Killer said...

OH yah I remember now HA i did listen-I was just confused (as always)

ok, you want to buy me a bike?