Monday, February 8, 2010


So I picked my friend Chris up Saturday morning and he thought I was kidding about the name of the Creek being "Wet Beaver Creek" I really wasn't! That's the name of it. I guess people are used to my dirty mouth so they just assume that I'm talking dirty. The creek's about an hour north from Phoenix. We stopped at Montezuma's Well for a bit. The water stays about 76 degrees and it is full of arsenic, at least that's what the college kids said that were wading in it to get some samples. Good thing I didn't let my dog drink out of it.

The red rocks and dirt are similar to Alice Springs, Australia. So pretty! Ruby couldn't make it up this cliff-she tried a few times but in the end I had to pull her up. She did good on the hike. If you would have seen the state she was in a few years ago you wouldn't believe it. She was on her death bed-couldn't walk, couldn't see-the emergency vet said they'd bill me to put her down but they wouldn't bill me to save her life-assholes. They told me if I took her out of there in the shape she was in that they'd report me for animal cruelty. She owes her life to my boss who paid to bring her back to life. Ruby ate some Tylenol and a moccasin and a few heels off of some boots of mine. It's my fault really for leaving the Tylenol on the coffee table.

Here's my friend Chris -I don't think he'll ever fall asleep in the car while i'm driving again-esp when I'm armed with a sharpie and cell phone camera. Maybe he'll learn. I'll be nice and I wont post the pics I got of him sleeping.

This tree's bark looked like camouflage! Also, I wish I had a lock cutter so I could cut that lil cart so we could take it across to the other side of the creek.


Ms.Lou said...

Wonderful pics. thanks for taking me vicariously to Wet Beaver creek.

goldlionaz said...

Oh no, doggy and Tylenol. I would never have thought about that. I'm glad Ruby is all better. Looks like a beautiful trip!

Initials BB said...

awesome pics. i love montezuma's castle! it reminds me of a giant wasp's nest. this is one of my pics from a trip there a few years back.

& those arizona sequoias too, awesome. the bark looks like a paint by number to me.