Monday, February 8, 2010


1) My poor phone decided to start doing crack. Good thing my Sister has a friend who will sell me hers for $50. This one still works but it's kinda sharp in areas and -I just don't want to look at that crack. If anybody wants to buy it let me know.. I'm going to put it on ebay. I dropped it on the bathroom floor of the Yucca. I've dropped this phone like 30 times and it's held up so far. I love the Android.

2) Atilla the incredibly gassy dog living the good life.

3) Ok, I know Skulls are SO overdone and SOO two years ago but I DON'T CARE! I scored this Wool/Silk Alexander McQueen scarf at Last Chance. Retails here for $395 I got it for $29!

They also had these Marni's at L.C. but they were $99-blah! They retail for $740. Pretty cute. Some lady followed me around the whole shoe dept waiting for me to put them down. I hid them on the top shelf of a diff aisle but she came up to me and asked me where I put "those cute shoes I was holding" and so I gave in and grabbed them for her. They had a bunch of Miu Miu platforms as well.

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