Friday, February 19, 2010

Friday Facts

"Arizona-48th State-1912- Derives from the Papago Indian word Arizonac, meaning "little spring." An alternative suggestion is from the Spanish arida zona for dry land. It's official nickname, the Grand Canyon State, is a clear improvement over such other fond appelations as the State Where You Can Always Expect to Enjoy the Unexpected, the Valentine State (because it joined the Union on Feb 14th) or the Italy of America, presumably coined for the state's scenic wonders. However, there are no Grand Canyons or Painted Deserts in Italy. Arizona is the only state to boast official neckwear-the bolo tie.

Illinois-21st State-1818- comes from the Indian tribal name Inini, meaning "tribe of superior men" or "perfect and accomplished men" and adapted by the French as Illini. the Prairie State is also affectionately known as the Land of Lincoln because the 16th President, while born in Kentucky, eventually settled in Illinois and pursued his political career there. "

From -Don't Know Much About Geography-Kenneth C. Davis.


Initials BB said...

I like "The Valentine State" - I think "The Grand Canyon State" is a little too obvious. No shit we have the Grand Canyon! damn!

woodenheart said...

i just read that the other day about the "official neckwear" and i laughed outloud. of course arizona would have one and of course it's the bolo tie. haha!